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WAVES- part of Hearts, Arts & Healing Exhibit Kitchener, ON Jan 30-Mar 11

WAVES (2022)

One of the hardest things about life with ADHD is the experience of having a “Ferrari brain with bicycle brakes”, a term coined by ADHD specialist Dr. Edward Hallowell, that describes the challenge of stopping the neurodivergent brain from taking off like an aimless, riderless horse.

One of the areas in which I am greatly impacted is communicating while I am feeling overwhelmed, when there is so much going on in my head that I can’t isolate even one thought to express.

I have learned that the best way to handle this, before I take it out on someone around me and bite their head off, is to shut down completely; performing a hard, mental reboot. It is so much easier to explain to people that “I need a minute”, and walk away to sit quietly while I restart, than having to apologize.

“Waves”, represents that hard, mental reboot, where all the overwhelming waves of information simply hit a brick wall and have nowhere to go.

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