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MASKED- part of the Hearts, Arts & Healing Exhibit, Kitchener, ON Jan 30-Mar 11

MASKED (2022)


In an effort to fit in socially, feel more accepted, and to avoid being labelled or stigmatized, people with ADHD may try to camouflage or cover up their symptoms. This is known as “Masking”. 

I struggle with what is called “Executive Function” which impacts memory, planning, emotional regulation and social skills. I can be impatient and interrupt people mid-sentence, I can’t remember more than 3 digits without having to write them down, I have pretty much kept the sticky note industry alive with the amount of them that I buy, I’m either way too early or late for appointments and I often blurt things out without thinking about the consequences.

I have become very adept at masking. So much so that people often don’t believe me when I tell them that I am neurodivergent. They comment on my energy, exuberance and organizational skills with no idea how much effort it takes to control the turmoil inside. Masking can be an unhealthy process as it  prevents people from knowing the real, genuine me and the challenges that I face.

"Masked" illustrates that bubbly façade that I present to the world contrasting against the chaos within.

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