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MIND: THE GAP- part of the Hearts, Arts & Healing Exhibit, Kitchener, ON Jan 30- Mar 11

MIND: THE GAP (2022)

There is a large amount of overwhelm with ADHD. Something as simple as choosing what to have for lunch at a noisy restaurant with an extensive menu can trigger an avalanche of unrelated thoughts exploding like fireworks in my head. It can come on quickly, without warning and it feels fiery, hot and intense. It’s like lighting a fuse and… KAPOW!

When I get into that state I have a hard time controlling my speech. I become impatient, I speak in short, staccato sentences, appearing dismissive and curt. My intention is never to hurt or harm anyone with my words but regardless, the impact is the same to the person on the receiving end. At the same time I feel shame and regret at hurting someone's feelings when I can’t control it, which continues to feed the overwhelm and the cycle continues.

“Mind: The Gap” represents the disconnect between head and heart. 

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